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Fan Club service



You can join any official Japanese fan club at SOS JAPAN JP.
We offer free registration for your favorite fan club.


If you are living outside of Japan, and would like to join official
Japanese fan club service, you are in the right place:)
You can join any Japanese fan clubs as if you are in Japan.

Any Japanese fan club  



Fan club registration example

 Registration Fee: Free

 Admission Fee: 1,000yen

 Membership Fee: 5,000yen

Service Fee: 0yen to 432yen.

Agent Fee: 8,000yen
Agent Fee includes:
ー Taking care of the whole fan club registration process.
ー We can provide you a Japanese address, so that you can receive your fan club service and 
   fan club letter/flyer here at our office.
ー Free shipment of your fan club letter with SAL shipping to your country up to 4 times a year.
ー If there is any issue with your fan club service, we will contact your fan club to
solve the problem.


 *A5% PayPal handling fee will be added to your PayPal account.

(Grand total + 5% of the PayPal fee)

How to join?

Please email to tell us which fan club service you would like to join.
We will send you a free estimate:)
Contact us at:


Ticketing Service

Any event tickets in Japan can be purchased here at these site.
You can just tell us which event you would like to attend.
We will buy event ticket and receive it in our office to make sure it is a correct ticket, then send it to your staying address in Japan by registered mail.
(Postage fee is flat fee of 600yen with the tracking number and hand delivery)

➡ Ticket Camp:
➡ e-plus:
➡ Lawson Ticket::
➡ Ticket Ryutu Center:
➡ Yahoo Auction Japan:

Ticketing Service example

Ticket Price: 7,500yen

Domestic Shipping Fee: 510yen

Service Fee: 0yen to 432yen.

Agent Fee: 2,000yen(Per Ticket)

Agent Fee includes:

Buying tickets and dealing with the seller on our account.

We receive your ticket here to make sure it is a correct ticket, then send it to your

   staying place with the tracking number and hand delivery service in time.

If there is a problem with your ticket purchase, we will contact the store/seller to solve

   the problem.

*A 5% PayPal handling fee will be added to your PayPal account.

(Grand total + 5% of the PayPal fee)



Balloting Service

If you would like to take part in balloting for fan club tickets, we are here
to assist you too.

Non-prepaid Balloting: Free of charge

Pre-paid Balloting : 700yen Per ticket
(Non refundable)

If you win: 2500yen per ticket
(Balloting fee 1000yen  Agent fee 1500yen)

If you win: 2500yen per ticket
(Balloting fee 300yen  Agent fee 1500yen)





Shopping fan club goods and items

SOS Japan buys Japanese products at Japanese online shops and from auction sellers. We then ship them directly to you from Japan. Most online retailers and auction sellers do not ship overseas. Using SOS Japan you can buy fan club items and goods online too.
Please see:

About our service, please contact us here at:


Q) Can I use your fan club service from anywhere
in the world?

A) Yes, this is a world wide service.

Q) How long is my membership?

A) It is one year from the starting of the fan club

Q) Can I register under my own name?

A) Yes, your membership will be under your name.

Q) How do you ship my Fan club magazines and flyers?

A) You will have a choice of how you would like us to send it to you.
SAL shipping is free up to 4 times a year.
your package to.  Please see:


Q) My package hasn't arrived, why?

A) If your package is sent by SAL, unfortunately they  do not have any guarantee or the tracking number. However if you choose to receive your
package by EMS, the tracking number of your package will be available.

Q) The band split up during my membership term.
What happens?

A) We will not be able to refund the agent fee in the
case when the band breaks up during the service term.


Q) Is the Fan club service term 1 year?
Am I obligated to renew my membership service?

A) The service is an annual agreement. Of course,
you are not obligated to renew your membership
service after the term is up.